Plan and simple, playing the lottery is way of letting people dream. Dream of paying off bills, buying a new house or car, helping our family, yet the odds of winning are rare. We know the odds are high but we still buy a ticket with the hope of winning. The lottery is the solution to all of our problems and it takes little to no effort to play and for just a couple of dollars, the chance to win millions is there.

The lottery is $70 billion a year industry outperforming the music, movie and porn industries combined. It’s an all-inclusive game were people from all walks of life can play and have the same chance of winning, but households making less than $12,400 a year play the most. While it is easy to purchase a ticket and they are cheap to buy, most people buy them because ‘everyone else I know is doing it’, especially when the jackpot reaches the hundreds of millions. While many people play for many different reasons, the main reason is, it let's us dream.