Hearst Television, the owners of WMTW-TV channel 8 in Portland, is one of more than two dozen stations that are owned by Hearst that had been blacked out on Dish Network.I was watching WMTW last night on my Dish TV and around 9:30 p.m. eastern time the programming went off and a per-recorded message from Dish Network played giving their side of why the channel wasn't on the air.

The blackout affected more than two dozen Hearst stations including WMTW in Portland, WCVB in Boston, along with channels in Scaramento, Pittsburgh and Tampa.

Hearst Television and Dish Network reached a deal around noon on Wednesday and WMTW broadcasting was back on Dish Network!

The news comes the same day that the Weather Channel and DirecTV settled their dispute.

I will not be a happy camper if 'General Hospital' isn't on my DVR. Elizabeth was just shot! Come on guys, settle it and stop jerking the consumers around!