Getty Images, photo by Evening Standard

A gang of feral cats, which are domestic cats that have returned to the wild, attacked a woman and her dog in Belfort in Eastern France. While walking in the woods, the cats attacked, knocking the woman to the ground and causing injuries, forcing her to go the hospital for medical attention.

The victim was treated for injuries, but was also given an injection for rabies and her poodle was treated at a local veterinary clinic. The mother of the attacked woman said her daughter suffered bites on her legs and arms and the cats managed to pierce an artery.

Vets and residents don’t agree on what caused the cats to maul the woman. Some say they were just protecting their territory, others think a recent heat wave in the area may have played a part. There are 8,000 feral cats in France and people are afraid the attacks may happen again in neighborhoods where there are children.