Getty Images, photo by John Moore

It was short lived and long lived at the same time for the World’s oldest man. Salustiano Sanchez became the World’s oldest man in June, but the title was short lived as he passed away last Friday at a nursing home in Western New York after a long life of 112 years.

Known as ‘Shorty’, Sanchez’s reign only lasted three months. He was a self-taught musician, gardener and loved crossword puzzles and gin rummy. He said the key to his long life was eating a banana every day.

He was born in Spain, June 8, 1901, moved to Cuba at 17 to work the sugar fields and made his way to the United States in 1920 to work the coal mines in Kentucky. In 1934, he moved to New York where he stayed and got married. He leaves behind two children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

The oldest in the World title now goes to 111 year old Arturo Licata of Italy.