If you’re thrill seeker or just plain crazy, the world’s tallest water slide is opening in Kansas City this Memorial Day weekend. It is the tallest and fastest water slide in the world, about 17 stories high. That's about 170 feet.

The water slide is called ‘Verruckt’, the German word for ‘insane’. Its 264 steps to the top and when you come down you’re traveling at speeds of 65 miles per hour and more. You ride in a four-person inflatable raft and traveling at that rate of speed it doesn’t take long to get to the bottom.

Here's an update on the slide as of the last weekend in June, it hasn't opened yet. There have been three delays because test riders have complained about going 'airborne' at 70 miles per hour during the plunge. A spokesman for the park says they'll take the embarrassment over putting someone on the slide when it's not ready.