With the CMA Awards last night, everyone is talking about the 'Song of the Year' award going to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert for their collaboration "Over You" written about the death of Blake's brother. Such a heartfelt song and it has touched many.

There are many songs that are taken from real life experiences. The beginning of Eric Church's song Creepin' came from when he woke up on his porch after a night of drinking and there was a honeybee literally beating on his screen door. That's what songwriters will tell you: write what you know. But some songwriters want to take a more unconventional approach.

Here's your chance!

Having written a few songs myself, it's not easy but this is just for fun! We'll give you the topic, you write a verse! A verse of a country song is usually 4 to 8 lines long. Or you can go all out and write an entire song! There are a few rules:

#1: Keep the lyrics clean. After all, we ARE a family station!

#2: You need to use the 2 words we give you in the song.

#3: Make sure it's original! No copycats!

The words you need to use are 'cradle' and 'kitchen'. Send your lyrics to us by commenting on this post. I'm sure others will like to see what you can come up with. Have fun and get your creativity on! Kids can be the best writers if given the chance. It also helps them to rhyme words! See? It's educational, too! Kids make up songs all the time. Let's see what you and they come up with!