I know you may be saying to yourself there’s not a lot more impressive than super old McDonald’s hamburgers that remain utmost of pristine thanks to the presence of who knows what with all the stabilizers and preservatives.

Yes, it's true this is not the first story of it's kind and it surely will not be the last. This time though, you get to see the unearthing live on TikTok. Here is a video of a perfect-looking 1996 McDonald’s hamburger and small order of French fries recently posted.


The big question is why did this woman decide to hold onto a hamburger and fries from McDonald's for 24 years. Perhaps it was time capsule, maybe she just forgot about it, maybe went vegan for a few years and now just decided to eat meat again? So many reasons but, none have been revealed. The only revelation is that the fast food items still look as good as new, after more than two decades being kept in her closet.

Regardless, this TikTok has been going viral since the user shared the video of her grandmother showing off the McDonald's meal she has kept wrapped up in a shoebox for two and a half decades.

It's interesting that McDonald's food is known for not showing signs of decay, and a few different people have gone viral over the years for holding onto very old meals.

McDonalds denies that there is anything underlying in their food that is expressly there to suspend the freshness of the product. Even if you think about it, is it really in their best interest to have food last for multiple decades, if you could just stock up when the price is low and indulge when it goes up, wouldn't they just loose future business? Well, not from me, I never even think of saving them, I'm luck to get out of the parking lot with them still intact.

Oh well, I guess there is something I will never understand.

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