You have seen the signs Welcome to our OOL (Notice there's no "P" in it... Let's Keep it that way! Well it is more than just polite to do your business in the bathroom…your health may depend on it.

No joke, there is apparently 1 to 3 oz of urine PER PERSON in the pool! Mmmm…ya.  I read that in a WGME story about this.  The ‘good’ news is that the any bacteria from urine is killed within a few seconds. BUT (and it’s a big but) bacteria from fecal matter (aka: poop) can take up to seven days to be killed.  The WGME story quoted a doctor as saying (get ready for this) about 35% of adults admit to peeing in the pool and "the odor that you smell in a public pool, is not the chlorine, but it's the chlorine reacting with all the urine in the pool."

The doc recommends taking a shower when you get out. (Good call)

CDC even tweeting about pool peeing recently:

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