According to PR Newswire, a recent survey finds that almost half of Americans have recently driven after drinking alcohol.

The survey, conducted by Value Penguin, polled 1,023 adults living in the United States.

One of the key findings was that most people did not consider themselves too intoxicated to drive (even after having 3 drinks) when they got behind the wheel.

The main reason respondents gave for driving after drinking was that they were only going a short distance.  In other cases, despite how much they had drank, the respondents still felt as though they were fit to drive.

Other Findings:

  • Men were more likely to drink after driving.  56% men of admitted to driving after drinking compared to 29% of women.
  • 48% of those who admitted to drinking after driving say they had been pulled over during at least one of those trips.
  • 31% of men admitted to driving after having 3 or more drinks.  Based on the weight of a normal man, that would put him over the limit.
  • 72% of Generation Z respondents have driven after drinking in the last 12 months.
  • 44% of respondents say they believe their insurance would cover any alcohol-related crash,  However, depending on your coverage, that may not be the case.

You can read more about the survey HERE

You shouldn't really need us to tell you this, but please don't drive after you've been drinking.  Even in rural Maine, there are other options: Lyft, Uber, taxi, friends, or family.

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