While looking through my wallet, I looked at my license and saw the little red mark indicating I was an organ donor. While scrolling through Facebook today, I learned it was National Donate Life Month. I was wondering how many of my friends are organ donors.

Surprisingly, many of them!

And I found out some pretty cool things about being an organ donor. It's not as scary as some people think!



1: ANYONE can be one! Doesn't matter your age, race or medical history! That's right! God forbid anything happens to your child but kids can, too!

2: Doctor's MUST do everything they can to save you. Doesn't matter if you're an organ donor or not! It doesn't affect your medical care.

3: Death MUST be declared first. Some people don't think so but it's true!

4: All MAJOR religions in the US support organ donation.

5: It doesn't cost to be an organ donor. To become one or the actual donation part has NO COST.

6: You CAN have an open casket funeral even if you do donate your eyes and any other organ.

7: A LIVING donor can donate a kidney, part of a liver, intestine, lung or pancreas. You've heard of people giving their loved one a kidney? THAT'S a LIVING donor.

Please become an organ today today! You never know whose life you will save! See how YOU can become a donor by CLICKING HERE!

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