There is no question it has been hard for everyone in regards to covid-19 and all the strings and ups and downs that cam along with the pandemic. So much has changed, and yet we are all just trying to get back to that sense of being normal again.

One step in that direction is news that the Lithgow Library is planning on opening fully once again. According to a story by no longer will appointments be needed to look though the 80,000+ books and media that the library has on hand as of June 1st, 2021.

The computers will still be limited however there will be wi-fi available.

Now a few safety and health protocols will come along with the new full access which includes the wearing of a face covering during your visit. This does not include children 2 and under.

The library will expect you browse and try to be there only as long as is needed to choose a book or handle any library business. The popular Lithgo-to-go is still available if you would like to go touch-less.

You can get additional information or any updates by calling the library at 207.626.2415

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