Why Family Pictures Are So Important To Kristi Marie
Are you the person that updates family pictures every year, every season?  Or maybe you're the person that gets updated pictures every 5 to 10 years. I am right in the middle, maybe not every season but surely once a year.
Growing up when friends would ask to see pictures of me as a child, …
Bridging the Gap: Hosting Augusta E-Waste Collection Event
If you missed out on spring cleaning or you've built up a little stock of old cell phones, laptops, and computers. Now is a great time to clean up and get rid of all the E-waste pilling up around your house.
According to a post on Bridging the Gap Center for Resources, Essentials Pantry &am…
Maybe Road Trips Aren't That Bad After all
I dislike road trips. I’d fly  to Portland if I could. It just seems so much more efficient. Other members of my family love road trips. I don’t quite understand the appeal but based on our "down east" destination and the fact we were hauling&nb…
Fishing Tips For Catch & Release
No matter how you like to fish in Maine you need to keep in mind the the limits on each species and body of water. When you are inland, you also need to decide if you are going to catch and release, or keep your catch.

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