ColdSnap - Ice Cream In 90 Seconds
Who doesn't love ice cream? Now what if you could whip up a bowl of ice cream and a bunch of other frozen treats on your counter top in 90 seconds? Sounds like heaven right? Maybe it will be.
To fill in the whole picture for you, lets look at this years star attraction at the Consumer Electronics Sho…
Skip Returns & Still Get A Refund!?
My daughter confirmed that this just happened to her at Target. She got my grand daughter a $200 driving toy Jeep, but one of the motors wasn’t working. It still ran, just not on full power. She was expecting them to just send another motor but they sent another whole car and to…
T-mobile Rendering Multiple Phones Useless By 1/29/21
T-moible has announced that multiple phones won't be able to connect or use the T-mobile network at the end of this month.
So far T-mobile is saying due to a network update close to 20 different devices will not be able to receive the update needed to stay connected to the network...
T-mobile Data Breach Announced
Welcome to 2021! Now, did you know before we left 2020, that there was one more wonderful surprise from the year that just seemed to keep on giving.....T-mobile and it's data was hacked ...AGAIN.
Considering with the merger that they went through last year acquiring Sprint, it put them in the to…
Fried Chicken & Gaming Have Now United
Move over PS5, and you too XBOX...there is a new gaming system in town that has something that you don't....a chicken warmer!
Introducing the KFConsole, where fried chicken and gaming not just meet but come together.
The KFConsole, which was created by a collaboration between PC maker Cooler Master an…
How To Ensure Privacy From Your Smart Devices
I'll tell ya up front, I'm not a big smart home device kinda guy. It seems everywhere you turn now there is another device from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple that are all engineered to listen for your commands and respond to them.
I know people say they only start recording when you say y…

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