Let’s face it. Covid-19 has taken a lot from us in 2020 and it seems especially apparent during this holiday season. No big Christmas parties, no parades, no Black Friday (if that was your thing). But there are still things you can do this holiday season to make it special for your family.

How about a jammy ride?  This is a long standing tradition in my family where we all put pjs on after supper and go for a ride. This is never an event we would tell the kids until we were going to leave so the surprise is part of the excitement.

For your jammy ride you can take a look at all the beautiful Christmas light displays. You can even keep track of them and each vote on your favorite. Or you could deliver fresh baked cookies to a shut in. Maybe stop and check out a lighthouse. So many possibilities!

Other covid friendly holiday activities include participating in a scavenger hunt. Rockland Main Street is putting on an Elfie scavenger hunt. You get your card, locate the elves and take selfies with them. Then you fill out your card and drop your entry in the Postal Elf Pickup box located beside Santa’s workshop. Prizes are awarded once a week!

Make an effort to get out there and ensure this holiday season is special. There are plenty of opportunities. Don’t let covid19 take the holiday spirit from you along with the rest of what we’ve lost. We've got this and there is family fun to be had...we just have to look a little harder.


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