Scott Olsen, Getty Images

Jack Gentempo, 16, from the small town of Otisfield, Maine is being featured in a national McDonald's television commercial. How did it all come to be?Jack submitted several videos to the company last month after seeing an ad for a video contest on TV.

After a few weeks, he received a response from the company, telling him that his commercial might be selected and asking him to sign over the rights.

His video was selected for the commercial, in fact, Jack is the first shot of the new ad!

Jack had become famous in the Oxford Hills area, his friends and classmates have called and messaged him about seeing him in the ad.

Jack tells the Lewiston Sun Journal, 'All my life we've had a TV, and I've never seen anyone I knew, let alone myself,on air.'

Jack will be paid for allowing the ad to air.

Jack comes from a family of musicians and performers and has entered several national contests.

Here's the ad that Jack is in