According to the KJ, Bull Moose Music is now employee owned.

For over three decades, Bull Moose Music has been the go-to music store in Northern New England.  In addition to CDs, the store sells movies, videos games, pop culture items, and more.

The chain has 11 stores across Maine and New Hampshire.  Those stores employ about 150 people.

Brett Wickard, the founder of the chain, will stay on as interim CEO during the transition.  Wickard opened the first Bull Moose location in Brunswick in 1989.  At the time, he was a junior at Bowdoin College.

It appears the news was given to the employees last night.  All of the store's locations were closed by 6 PM yesterday for a company-wide meeting.

Over the last few years, the chain has gone through a few changes.  Many of those were brought on by changing consumer trends, like an increase in online purchasing.

However, some of those were brought on by the pandemic.  For example, in 2020, the stores closed its Portland location.  The reason given was an expiring lease and little foot traffic near that location.

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