It's that time of the year, where some of us will make a New Year's Resolution. Some of the most popular ones are to be healthier, workout, smarter with money, quit smoking, etc. I usually don't make any resolutions but this year I am making one. I was at home flipping through channels and saw Dr. Oz, ironically I stayed home from the gym that day due to snow, and he had a segment on the show called Meatless Mondays. The show was about different body types and how to get into better shape.

So, basically the Meatless Monday, was to take meat out of your diet for one day. I thought to myself, I can do that.

So, last night, I made up some Boca Black Bean Burgers and I sliced up some summer squash and put the slices into some Shake N Bake Panko Bread Crumbs and baked them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. It wasn't that bad.

So that's my resolution for 2014. What, if any are yours?