For the last 20 years, Randy McCoy has read a poem on the air all about a little girl going to school for the very first time.

The poem, 'I Trust You'll Treat Her Well', by Dan Valentine from the book "American Essays: Sentimental Classics Designed to Make the Heart Sing", has been around for nearly 60 years and each time Randy reads it, I cry. A lot.

Every parent experiences their child's first day of school. To watch your little one walking away from you for the very first time and you realize "They don't need me right now" is tough to deal with. Moms and Dads both experience the same feeling, however, Dad may not show it. He feels it deep inside, trust me.

So, grab a box of tissues, a few Oreos and listen below to Randy reading the poem.

May your child have a wonderful school year. May they be safe, kind to one another and be able to come home and tell you everything they did that day.