Here's another important recall for you to be aware of. This one impacts us directly as all three of the major retailer products effected are sold locally by Walmart, CVS and Family Dollar.

There were several different lots of infants' ibuprofen that are being recalled due to containing higher potency of ibuprofen than what is listed on the bottle which could be potentially dangerous and cause such issues as nausea, vomiting, or even permanent NSAID-associated renal injury.

This is a voluntary recall by Tris Pharma as reported by Here's some of the Lot numbers and expiration dates included in this recall:

00717009A (02/19 expiration)
00717015A (04/19 expiration)
00717024A (08/19 expiration)

00717024A (08/19 expiration) 

Family Dollar
00717024A (08/19 expiration)


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