It's TOMORROW!!! The Rise 'N Shine 19th Annual 5K Road Race happens tomorrow morning! It starts at Kennebec Saving Bank in Augusta and it benefits the KV YMCA.

It all comes down to this! The training, the working out, the treadmill, the salads...All the training I've done for the past month getting ready is going to pay off!

As you can see by the picture, my sneakers prove I've been hard at work getting ready and training. And my body has been feeling it, too. There are so many things you can do to get in shape and prepare for a 5K.  I do calf raises, squats, and leg extensions exclusively for my legs. Then I try and hit the rest of my body with crunches, Mason twists, pushups, situps, tricep pushups, bicep curls and jumping jacks.

You can't just up and run a 5K...unless you are physically fit already. For those of you who are running your first one, take it easy. Go slow and steady. Remember, you don't have to WIN the race. You want to FINISH!

 Please join me tomorrow morning, bright and early, at 6:35AM and run for a great cause!