I received a message from Anderson's former kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Heather Salley, about a month ago. She happen to be flipping channels when she saw that Katie Couric was having a contest in which someone could win a recording session at the incredible Blackbird Studios in Nashville.

That studio is owned and created by John and Martina McBride. And Katie was giving away a chance to record at that studio with the musicians with John and Martina there to guide you.

And I MAY be getting that chance!

I said I would check into and that day I wrote my essay (less than 500 words) and sent it in. I haven't thought a THING about it since.

Here is the letter I wrote:

I am Sharon Buck from Clinton, Maine. I have been fronting bands for 20 years but can't seem to get that one big break! I am full of energy and want to show the world what I can do, especially my son. Anderson will be 7 and I love him more than anything. I want to show him there are no limits on dreams. Mine is just taking longer to get there!

I have been singing all my life starting with my 2 sisters as we sang for our family. I can sing harmony with ANY SONG! I even took a course on how to scat in college! I went to Nashville when I was younger and was passed over because of my looks. Braces helped and I have transformed myself but music doesn't have a look anymore. It has a sound and feeling. THAT'S what I want the world to see!

I have written originals that go anywhere from classic country to modern. But there is one special song I NEED recorded. It's all about Loretta Lynn and I want her to hear it before it's too late. She is my inspiration, as she is to many female country singers. She reminds me of my mom so much.

My dad had a chance to make the big time when he was younger but he decided to miss his big break by taking my mom on a date instead. He never got the chance again. Instead he got to raise us 9 children. I have only seen my dad cry 3 times. Once was when I thought I would never make it. He took my face in his hands and said "YOU have what it takes! You have got what I never had: that burning desire of music. YOU can do it!"

Fronting my own band, Sharon Buck & Dixon Road, I have learned to give the people what they want and that's more country music! They want an album so bad but I don't have the funds to make one.

Please, give me the chance to show you! I have a big voice, a huge personality and stage presence like you've never seen! I am ANIMATED, that's what people use to describe me. I want to give the world music and make them laugh, cry, love and pine.

The McBrides have built Blackbird Studio by bringing the outdoors indoors. A truly amazing sound. Only the best record there. I want to be one of them. Country music has been my world since singing Randy Travis songs into my hairbrush! As Martina would sing "It's My Time" to shine!

Yesterday while watching a DVR'd episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' with Bradley and Jayden, my phone did a little DING! It's the sound of a bicycle bell because it's a happy sound. I looked and it said I had an email.

I quickly checked and my heart stopped. I got up from the couch and starting saying "Oh. My. God!" over and over again. The kids were freaking out! So I told them I was a finalist for the contest and they were so excited!

I sent Chad a text asking him to call me ASAP...and 2 minutes later...there he was! I told him all about it and he was excited for me, too! I told the rest of my family and couldn't wait to tell all of you! When I told Andy Capwell, he said to save it for today, so I did!

The next step is they need to choose THREE Finalists. The few that were chosen need to submit a video by next Friday of a song from their list of 8 that they gave us. It has to be live and there are rules to follow.

We will hear back by September 2nd. The finalists videos will then appear on the 'Katie' website and the public can vote! The final 3 will then sing on the show and the audience will pick the winner.

What a dream it would be to win this! Blackbird Studios is unique in the fact that it took years to build. If you have ever seen the inside you know you've never seen anything like it. They used the outdoors and brought it indoors to give the sound of recording in the most natural environment. Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Kelly Clarkson have ALL recorded here.

Talk about nerve racking! Now to pick the song, what to wear...ugh..I hate this part! Good thing I have a great man to help me and great friends.

Wish me luck! Off I go to record a video! Now, what to wear....