There are so many small towns in Maine I have never seen let alone heard of. Yesterday, I went through the town of Alna, another place I never knew existed! This is my chance to visit with you and for you to show me what makes YOUR town so special!

I would like to visit as many towns in Maine that I can. I'd like to take pictures of your community and share them with our listeners!

Can I come and visit you?

There are many things that make cities and towns of Maine stand out! Whether you have a giants statue of an Indian or Paul Bunyan or a home part of the underground railroad or even the sweetest ski slope, each place is worth going to and discovering!

I'd like to make a trip each week to a different place to see the entire state of Maine! Some places, like Fort Kent or Caribou, might require an all night stop but you CAN get there from here!

Where should I travel to? Let me know and I could be visiting YOU very soon!