Police arrested six protesters in Fairfield last evening, they were trying to block a Pan Am train that was expected to pass through town by erecting a makeshift wooden scaffold on the railroad tracks.About 30 protestors gathered around the scaffold for a couple of hours. Police from Fairfield, Kennebec County Sheriff's Department, Maine State Police and other agencies.

The protestors first blocked off a Main Street intersection near the tracks with traffic cones and a large banner. Police intervened, that's when the protestors walked about a block to the railroad tracks and set up the barricade.

They are protesting fracked oil and to call attention to climate change and to prevent 70,000 barrels of crude oil from reaching New Brunswick.

According to Meaghan LaSala, one of the protest's organizers, a train carrying fracked oil from North Dakota was scheduled to go through Fairfield on the railroad track, which was owned by Pan An Railways.

Police arrested six of the protesters.

What do you think? Is oil fracking good for our country and will help free us from foreign oil dependency or is fracking harmful to the environment and not worth the economic benefits.