Some interesting and stand-out accomplishments in sports occurred on this day, February 24, in sports history. Some of the highlights: in 1960 the U.S. Olympic hockey team defeated Germany 9-1 in the final rounds to win the United States first gold medal in hockey. This medal win is known as the ‘forgotten miracle’ because the U.S. was not considered to have a chance to win.In 1980, the U.S. Olympic hockey team beat Finland 4-2 to win the gold medal; this is the year of the 'miracle on ice'. The miracle game was held two days before on the 22nd, when the United States defeated the U.S.S.R 4-3.

In 2002, at the winter Olympics, Canada beat the United States 5-2 to win gold.

Also in hockey: in 1982, Wayne Gretzky scored his NHL record 77th goal on the way to 92 for the season.

In basketball, the Boston Celtics began an 18 game NBA winning streak.

In 1987,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored his 36,000 NBA point.