A Look Back At The Blizzard Of 2013
It was almost two years ago to the day when the blizzard of 2013 hit Maine. As Mainers await the blizzard for Monday night, Tuesday and into Wednesday, there are some things that are similar and some that are different.
Some of the Top 10 Sports Moments from 2013
Here are some of the top sports moments from 2013. There are 10 on the list but I’m just going to highlight a few. You can take a look at the entire list and see video thanks to time.com.
Notable Deaths From 2013
It was quite a list of celebrity deaths in 2013, former South African President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Nelson Mandela passed away in this month of the 5th. Imprisoned for 27 years from 1964 to 1982, became the first black president in South African history in 1994.
Some of the Top Buzz Words From 2013
Taking a look at 2013 and some of the ‘buzz words’ that became popular with pop culture. Every year a few new words seem to come to the forefront according to events of the year. This year one of those words was ‘Thanksgivukkah’. This word was used to desc…
2013’s Biggest Lie of the Year Winner
Now that 2013 is coming to close a lot of lists are coming out for various things. A list for lies of the year are also making the rounds and most, if not all, can agree on the biggest lie of the year. Not surprisingly it’s a political lie.
Sharon’s Best Moments of 2013
Tomorrow will be my last day before vacation and I wanted to make sure I shared these memories with you. I will be back January 2, 2014.
What a year it has been! Adventures, laughter, tears, firsts and lasts...they all make up a very full and happy life that I am fortunate enough to have.
Here is a lo…

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