Keifer Sutherland Releases Country Video
Maine T.V. fans and country music fans may be interested to hear that 24 star Keifer Sutherland has gone country. Sutherland just released his first country music video, a song called ‘Not Enough Whiskey’.
FOX Confirms '24: Legacy' Reboot With All-New Characters
A ways back, we’d heard that FOX had an eye toward another 24 revival, albeit without Kiefer Sutherland’s famous Jack Bauer at the helm. Consider that officially come to pass, as FOX orders a pilot for 24: Legacy, casting new leads with little chance of returning any of the past 24 fav…
FOX Concidering '24' Without Keifer Sutherland
FOX is considering another installment of ‘24’ as early as 2016. In this version, Kiefer Sutherland, may not be involved. Sounds surprising but not really, Sutherland has expressed he doesn’t see himself returning to ‘24’.
New '24: Live Another Day' Trailer
'24' fans have been excited from the moment 'Live Another Day' was announced, let alone that Mary Lynn Rajskub's Chloe would put in a return appearance, but it seems there may be a world of work ahead before she and Jack can become besties again. Find out about Jack and Chlo…
New '24: Live Another Day' Trailer and Poster
FOX's '24' limited series revival, '24: Live Another Day,' won't officially arrive until May 5, but already the airwaves are awash with new footage of Jack Bauer's big return to the screen. The latest 'Live Another Day' trailer puts the spotlight on fellow '24' returnee Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), as…

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