Maine Law Enforcement Ramps Bike Safety
Starting today, law enforcement will crack down on people who don’t obey laws meant to protect cyclists and pedestrians. Nearly 500 people are stuck annually in the state, and the number of fatalities has doubled since 2012. With tourist season in full swing, the timing of …
Maine to Florida Bike Path Coming Soon
Coming soon you will be able to ride a bicycle from Maine to Florida on the East Coast Greenway. It’s a 2,900 mile bike path that will stretch from Calais, Maine to Key West Florida.
Child Hit by SUV While Riding a Bike in Lewiston
Yesterday morning (Aug. 15) in Lewiston, a 9-year-old boy was struck by an SUV while riding his bike on Tall Pines Drive.
WCSH reports the child suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken by LifeFlight medical helicopter to Maine Medical Center in Portland...
George A. Wyman and His Incredible Journey
The first person to cross America on a motorized vehicle was George Wyman of San Francisco, California. Wyman made his trip in 1903 when there weren’t many roads in America and making even more difficult, he did on a motor bicycle, his brand new 1902 ‘California’…
2013 Inductees to the Toy Hall of Fame
There are 53 toys that have been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. Things like; G.I Joe, Play-Doh, Hula Hoop, Bicycle, Baby Doll, Silly Putty, Stick and many more. There have been two new toys inducted into the Hall recently.