Creative Pet Names
Since I cannot have an animal of my own, I decided to announce to the world what I would name my pets if I could own one. So if you're getting an animal soon, here are some creative pet names for you:
Dog: Bark Obama, Ruffles, Boba Fetch, Mozart, Steve Pawgers, Tony Bark, Walker Texas Range…
Pigeon Gets Drunk on Fermented Fruit
Click the link below to see what happens when a pigeon decides to eat fermented fruit. I'll give you little clue, it's the same thing if you would drink a little too much.
Osprey Cam: Osprey Parents & Chicks Hog Island, Maine
Embed courtesy of and the National Audubon Society are bringing you this sneak peek into the life of Rachel and Steve Osprey and their chicks. Take a look; you will be hooked after a few minutes. The cam will be on until the family heads south through the Caribbean and South A…

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