Black Friday

Other Things To Do On Black Friday Besides Shop
One of my favorite new websites,
, has complied a list of '11 Things To Do In Maine on Black Friday Instead of Shopping.' If you are like me, you don't do crowds and you could care less on saving 50% on that newest electronic trendy thingy.
These Items Are The Most Discounted On Black Friday
I am not much for Black Friday shopping. I do prefer to shop in the brick and mortar stores than online, but I'll go on some Tuesday afternoon instead of on Black Friday. Many scout out what and where the best deals will be offered. Here's a look at what items are discounted the most.
The Lineup of Holiday Shopping Days
So ‘Black Friday’ is coming up the day after Thanksgiving. That is followed by ‘Small Business Saturday’, a chance to shop at the small, local businesses in your community. Monday is ‘Cyber Monday’, a day to do your shopping online.
No Thanksgiving Day Shopping In Maine
With the prime shopping for Christmas starting late this season, many retailers are starting 'Black Friday' sales on Thanksgiving Day and not on Friday. However, that will not be the case in Maine.

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