Camp for Adults: ‘Camp No Councilors’ in Winslow, Maine
Are you missing those crazy fun times at summer camp? But you're an adult, and they kind of frown on adults going to camp? We've found a place for you to have some fun! CRAZY FUN that is!
It is Camp No Councilors.
Camp No Councilors is EXACTLY what you think it is. Summer camp with a ba…
Summer Camps For Adults Is A Growing Trend
With school out for the summer, many kids in central Maine will be going to summer camp. A growing trend is now summer camps for adults.It combines the fun of a tradition summer camp and them some adult twists to camp.
North Korea Opens Summer Camp for Kids
You can now send you kids to summer camp in North Korea. Starting a few days ago the 30 year old Songdowon International Children’s Camp opened for young children to enjoy. The camp is mostly for children from communist countries but kids from all over are invited