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This is What It’s Like Not Having a Phone These Days
One time two years ago, some skeezebag stole our phone right out of our purse. For three months we were phone-less. So, we feel fairly well qualified to testify that this video, about what it's like to be surrounded by friends with smartphones when you don't have one, is pretty much spot o…
Sharon Buck Encounters a Very Bad Driver On I-95
I had mentioned this yesterday on Facebook but it bears repeating.
As I was driving north on I-95 headed to my part-time job in Waterville, I was following a black 4-door Volkswagen. Seeing it swerve in front of me a few times and then almost going off the road after it hit the rumble strip I KNEW I …
Tweens And Cell Phones…Yes or No?
Remember this conversation:
Kid: "Mom, can I have a puppy?"
Mom: "Go ask you father."
Kid: "Dad, can I have a puppy?"
Dad: "No."
Mom: "What did your father say?"
Kid: "No."
Mom: "Then it&apo…
Text Messaging Falls For The First Time In The U.S.
For the first time in the United States, the average number of monthly texts sent by each user fell this past quarter. That's according to a report by independent telecommunications analyst Chetan Sharma. U.S. cell phone customers sent an average of about 675 messages per month in the third qua…
Teen Using Cell Phone Walks into Snake Pit
By this point, it should be fairly obvious that getting distracted by a cell phone can be extremely hazardous to your health. And yet, a teen girl in California actually fell into a pit of rattlesnakes while searching for a signal in the desert. Need further proof? We didn't think so.