Central Maine Power

Lose Power Today? A Maine Critter Was To Blame
Hearing this story takes me back a few years.  Specifically, it takes me back to 2018.  Remember when, during the summer and fall of 2018, we were constantly losing power thanks to squirrels climbing on the power lines?  Here in Augusta, we lost power numerous times between July and l…
Thousands Of People In Central Maine With No Power
It might not quite be the 'Ice Storm of '98', but the 'Ice Storm of '13' is certainly causes plenty of problems in Central Maine. As of 4 a.m. on Tuesday, December 24, 2013, Central Maine Power is reporting almost 78,000 customers without power and Kennebec County being…
{UPDATED} Central Maine Power Outage Update
With some areas of Maine experiencing freezing rain off and on since Saturday afternoon, power outages in Maine have been occurring and are likely to increase throughout the day with more ice on the way. Here's the latest power outage numbers from Central Maine Power Co.