'Back to the Future' Says It's The Year of the Cubs
The Chicago Cubs seem to be going all out this year with their eye on the big prize, the World Series. They signed pitcher Jon Lester for $155 million and have a lot of excellent young players. And 2015 may be their year.
The City With The Most Rats Is...
The number one ‘rat infested’ city in the country isn’t the one that pops into your mind first. As soon as someone says ‘rattiest city’, you think New York. Nope, according to Orkin Pest Control the top city is Chicago.
New High School Won't Be Named Obama
A new elite high school in Chicago was to be named after President Barack Obama but that will not happen. Mayor Rahm Emanuel thought it would be a good idea but after on going complaints from African-Americans, they will look for another name.
Chicago Cubs Loose Their 10,000th Game
The Chicago Cubs have only won two World Series in 1907 and 1908, and they did play in one in 1906, the year they had 116 wins and a percentage rating that still stands today at .763. The Cubs now have the distinction of being one of only three Major League Baseball teams to lose 10,000 games.