Prevent Disease, Don't Kiss Your Chicken
It's amazing how many people in Maine have chickens. From full farms to just a few to get fresh eggs. Some chickens become like members of the family. Here's some sound advice, don’t kiss it!
Mike the Headless Chicken Lives for 18 Months
In September 1945, Life Magazine ran a story about ‘Mike the Headless Chicken', also known as ‘Miracle Mike”. Lloyd Olson, the owner of the rooster, was sent out by his wife, Clara, to get a chicken for the evening meal.  He headed to the barnyard to behea…
Actress Mila Kunis Sued Over a Chicken
Talk about holding a grudge. A childhood friend of actress Mila Kunis is suing here over a pet chicken. Kristina Karo says 25 years ago she and Kunis were best friends, inseparable, together all the time.
National Poultry Day
Today is National Poultry Day, a day to celebrate the chicken. Poultry comes from the Latin word ‘Pullus’, which means small animal.
ChocoChicken, The Chocolate Fried Chicken
Fried chicken, Love It! Chocolate, Love It! How about ‘chocolate fried chicken’! It’s called ChocoChicken and a super trendy restaurant in L.A. is serving it up. The chicken isn’t fried in chocolate sauce; instead it’s lightly coa…

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