Do Not Try The Rotating Corn Challenge
Want to see a really 'stupid' challenge that is sweeping China right now? 'Don't try this at home'!
This is a challenge where you put a corn on the cob on a drill and try to eat it. See what happens to this poor girl. Ouch!
10 Towns in Maine With Unusual Names
Maine has a lot of towns named after foreign countries or cities of foreign countries, or at least people 'think' that's the case. Not all the names are for the obvious reason.
Chinese Man Mistakes Bears For Puppies
Wang Kayui, from the village of Yunnan, bought what he thought were two dogs from a Vietnamese man; the Chinese man was in for a big surprise when he discovered that his beloved pet dogs were, in fact, two bears.
Chinese Restaurant Uses Robots to Serve and Cook Food
In China a restaurant has opened that is run by robots. There are 12 robots on the staff that cook and deliver food to the tables. They even have two robot hostesses’ that greet customers when they arrive. Each robot cost $6, 500 or the same as a year’s wage.
Falling Knife Sticks in Mans Head
In China, a man was taking a casual walk when he had to have the worst case of timing ever. He was walking under a high-rise apartment building when a five inch kitchen knife fell from the sky.
Chinese Woman Writes With Hands and Feet Simultaneously
Chinese translator Chen Siyuan has an incredible talent, she can write with both of her hands and feet, all at the same time. She can write Chinese in one and English in the other, at the same time. It’s hard enough to write with one hand let alone four extremities, and in different …
China Mulls Over Highspeed Train to U.S.
China is kicking around the idea of building a high-speed train that would run from the countries northeast to the United States. The rails would cross Siberia and the Bering Straits to Alaska, across Canada then to the U.S.
Depressed Panda Gets Flat Screen T.V.
Just like humans, animals have friends they become attached to, and when that friend is gone they can get depressed. That’s what happened to a Sijia the panda at a Chinese zoo. When her best friend and playmate Meixi left, Sijia became depressed.
Three Gorges Dam the Largest in the World
The largest dam in the world is The Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Provence, China. It covers more than a mile and stands 50 stories high and holds back more than five trillion gallons of water. It’s the largest hydroelectric dam in the world but came at cost to people and Chinese histori…

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