Dunkin' Double Vision?
No, you don't have double vision, there really are two Dunkin' Donuts locations nearly across the street from each other in Augusta.
Are Too Many Products Pumpkin Flavored? Here's a Few
This is the time of year ‘pumpkin’ makes its presence known. For the last several years manufacturers have been putting ‘pumpkin’ in just about everything. Here are some of the stranger items that contain ‘pumpkin’ flavors.
Here's How the Morning buzz Gets Going in the A.M. (picture)
If you have ever wondered how we function on The Morning Buzz every morning just look at this picture. Since we get up so early in the a.m. we need something to get us going. Of course, it doesn't matter what time you get out of bed in the morning this is probably your mantra too...
Best Cups Of Coffee In Central Maine
Ahh, a great cup of coffee is a must! Also, March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. I am strictly an iced coffee drinker. It can be below zero and I walked into the radio with an iced coffee in my hand. Here are some of the best reviewed places to get coffee in central Maine, according to Yelp.c…

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