The Rudest Drivers In The United States
Okay, you are driving either into work or home from your job and your commute includes dealing with one or both rotaries in Augusta. I am guessing the drive might have include a horn honking or a hand gesture.
Maine Drivers Among The Least Rude In The Country surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide to find out who are rudeness drivers in the country. Many Mainers are cringing at the thought of those out-of-state drivers this summer. So which out-of-state drivers should we be most on the lookout for?
Trucking Industry Needs Drivers
Seventy per cent of deliveries in the U.S. are made by trucks, everything from food to online shopping orders but, there is truck driver shortage in the country right now. The shortage is more noticeable now that the economy is coming back but even before the economy went in the tank there was a dri…