Teen Helps Man in Walker Shovel Snow
A High School senior in Nottoway County, Virginia did a good deed realizing someday he may need the favor returned. Tommy Adams was driving back from the DMV with his mother when he saw an elderly man shoveling snow.
Never Too Old To Have Some Fun
Just because people get old it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. There was a day when everyone was young, and every generation had their own time of music, dancing and fun. Here are some 80 + year olds to show you’re never too old to ‘shake it&Cl…
More Americans Over 90 Than Ever Before
Great news if you are getting older (aren’t we all), more Americans are living to the age of 90 than any other time in history. The first ever census number's on that age group were posted and shows 90 years or older have tripled since 1980.
Dying of a Broken Heart is Possible
It has been said for years, ‘they died of a broken heart’, and that seems to be true. Studies done at John Hopkins Hospital call it ‘broken heart syndrome’ where a surge of hormones impairs the muscle in the heart to pump.
Arrest Made in Murder of 92-Year Old Waterville Man
The Maine State Police this afternoon (June 6) arrested 44-year-old Roland Cummings and charged him with killing a 92-year-old man from Waterville. Cummings knew Aurele Fecteau and occasionally did household chores for him.
Fecteau was found on May 23 stabbed to death in his bed...

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