What Do You Fear? [VIDEO]
I have talked about this on the radio at least a few times, my fear of snakes! It's this time of year when I have to mow the lawn that I have to overcome that fear. My lawn mower is in my shed and often when I open the shed doors to get the lawn mower there are snakes.
The One Thing All Humans Fear
All humans fear something, some fear spiders, some snakes, some darkness and some speaking in public. There is one thing that ALL humans fear, it is the fear of something or someone moving closer to us. The study was done at the University of Chicago and they found humans fear things moving closer r…
Men and Women Have Different Nightmares
It has been known for a long time that men and women dream and have nightmares but Psychologists now say they have very different dreams and nightmares. A study done at the University of Montreal says men dream more about natural and environmental disasters and war, women dream more about relationsh…