#TBT: Do You Remember The Maine Flood Of 1987?
It was a warm spring in 1987 which caused the snow to melt quicker than usual. Add that to a slow moving powerful rain, the rivers and streams couldn't handle the excess water which caused them to crest. What followed was a flood like the state had never seen...
Flood Warning Issued For The Kennebec River
Like many who have been enjoying this warm, summer like weather, I sat down by the river on my lunch break in downtown Augusta, today. The river was quite high, and now the MEMA Site has issued this flood warning.
Flood Warning
2,000 Weather Related Deaths Each Year
Amazingly extreme weather in the United States kills 2,000 people a year. Most are from floods and tornadoes but heat waves and cold snaps take their fair share too.  Of 10,000 weather related deaths between from 2006 to 2010, excessive cold accounted for two-thirds of deaths and excessive heat…
Cat Saves Families From Colorado Flood
Jezebel the cat is a hero after being credited with saving the lives of her family and several other people at the Whispering Pines Cottages in Estes Park, Colorado. The devastating floods that have hit that area were approaching when the Thompson River overflowed and people in the cottages were in …

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