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FOX Concidering '24' Without Keifer Sutherland
FOX is considering another installment of ‘24’ as early as 2016. In this version, Kiefer Sutherland, may not be involved. Sounds surprising but not really, Sutherland has expressed he doesn’t see himself returning to ‘24’.
Auditions Coming To Maine For Fox Reality Show 'Utopia'
If you like to hunt, fish and farm; here's your chance to be on television! Fox Television is currently casting a new reality show called 'Utopia'. It's based on a show from the Netherlands and will feature 15 cast members to create their own community from scratch, based on thei…
Fox cancels The X-Factor
The 'X-Factor' has been cancelled by Fox after three seasons in the United States. The show, which is still popular in England, will welcome back Simon Cowell.