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Rare Spanish Gold Coins Found Off Florida Coast
Eric Schmitt's metal detector got a hit about 15 feet below the ocean's surface, most of the time, the metal detectors uncover beer cans and lead fishing weights. This time, the treasure-hunter struck gold, and a lot of it.
Rare Coins Found in California May Be From a U.S. Mint Heist
The best news in the world for a Northern California couple may turn out to be the worst news in the world. The couple made an incredible find on their property when they were walking their dog; it was over $10 million in gold coins. A find of rare coins that is considered the greatest find in U.S. …
$10 Million in Rare Gold Coins Found
Imagine taking your dog for a walk and coming home $10 million richer. That’s what happened to a Northern California couple earlier this month. They were walking along their property when they saw something: cans of gold coins.