Political App for Grocery Shopping
There is a new app available that lets you shop for groceries according to you political views.  The BuyPartisan  app allows shoppers to scan the bar code of a product to see if they are Democrat or Republican.  It lets you know which way the CEO and employees of the company lean poli…
The Search Is On For Maine’s Best Grocery Bagger
Paper or plastic? That question is almost never heard anymore as now many shoppers bring in reusable bags or plastic bags. I know that when I am checking out at the supermarket, if there is nobody to bag my groceries, I start to do it and I would have no chance at winning the title of best bagger!
The Cost of Feeding a Family of Four
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the cost of feeding a family of four is between $146 and $289 a week. They used intake data and the cost of groceries (which we all know have been going up) to reach their results. They used four levels of grocery shopping for a family of four.