Disgusting Augusta Maine Water
There's a reason why we all drink bottled water here at the station. The taste of the water from here is truly disgusting.
I mean gross!
At times I forget to bring my filtered water from home so I have to be creative. And this helps!
‘My Strange Addiction’…Gone Too Far?
There are some things I watch that gross me out but they are shows I like to watch, like Hoarders, Hoarders: Buried Alive and Dirty Jobs.
But I cannot stomach My Strange Addiction.
And this time, I think they've gone too far...YUCK!
First ‘Stove Up’…Now ‘Gross Out?’
Sitting around the table last night, I was talking with Chad and Amber. I was telling them how when I moved to Maine in 1983 when I was 8, I had to learn about Maine things. Being only little, I learned that sprinkles for your ice cream were actually called 'jimmies.'
There are many more th…