Man Blows Out Candles by Passing Gas
Here’s a world record that just wasn’t. Gerard Jessie from the Philippines attempted a Guinness world record for blowing out the most candles using just the power of his ‘farts’.
Most Tenpin Strike in One Minute
Here’s a Guinness World Record for bowling. This is Chad McLean from Gainesville, Florida setting the world record for the most tenpin strikes in one minute.
Oldest Women in the World Dies
The oldest person in the world has passed away at 117 years old. Misao Okawa ‘was’ the Guinness World record holder until her death on the morning of April 1st.
World's Largest Paper Ball in Minnesota
In an effort to show citizens of Minnesota how much paper they waste and how important recycling is, they set a new world record. They made the largest paper ball ever assembled. In keeping with Guinness World Records guidelines, no adhesives or tape was used.

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