The 2016 Happiest States In America
WalletHub.com has just released their 2016 list of the happiest states in the America. To make their rankings they used 28 key metrics, from emotional health to income levels to sports participation rates. So, where did Maine rank on their list?
How Happy Are We In Maine?
WalletHub.com researched how happy each state is in the country. Their study used 25 metrics ranging from emotional health to income levels to sports participation rates.
The Ten Happiest Places In Maine
What makes you happy? Your spouse and children? Maybe, giving back to your community or those less fortunate? The career advice blog Zippia has recently done a post about the happiest places in Maine. They looked at 28 cities and towns in Maine and they based their rankings on the criteria of employ…
Maine Is One Of The Happiest States
Gallup and Healthways have been polling Americans every year for the last seven years about their well-being: how well they thrive, struggle or suffer in their respective environments.
The 2014 numbers are in.
Sharon receiving wedding cards at B98.5
I have worked in radio for 9 years now and I have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people. I have been the recipient of a slew of well wishes, whether it was getting better from my surgery, the birth of Anderson or even hitting the moose!
Now, you all have outdone yourself.
And you'r…
Star Wars Characters Dance to Pharrell's 'Happy"
I LOVE Star Wars so this to me is AWESOME!
See C3PO, Darth Vader, R2D2, Storm Troopers, Sand People and an entire array of Star Wars characters dance to Pharrell's hit 'Happy' in the parady 'Happy (We are from Tatooine)!
This just makes me smile!
What Workers Want to Make Them Happy
A happy worker makes for a happy work place and happy customers. We hear that all the time and many studies have shown it’s true.  Happiness and satisfaction on the job has different meanings for different people though. But, most employees can agree on seven things they want mo…