February 2nd is Go Red For Women Day
February Is National GO Red month as we raise awareness of the risk of heart disease in women. I visited my caregiver to have my blood pressure checked. When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?
Want To Live A Long Life, Move To Portland,ME
A new study just released from Stanford, MIT, Harvard, McKinsey, and the U.S. Treasury looks at what are America's longest-living cities. The study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, used income versus life expectancy in a sample involving more than 1.4 billion person-ye…
A & E Has An Awesome New Show 'Fit To Fat To Fit'
I got a brand new television show this Saturday afternoon on A & E, it's called 'Fit to Fat to Fit'. The quick premise of the show is that a person who is overweight spends four months with a personal trainer to workout and to change their diet habits. But, there is a twist to…
New Reaseach Says Coffee Is Good For Your Arteries
I am hooked on iced coffee, it can be 10 below zero and I will still get my iced coffee on the way into work. I often get a second iced coffee on my way home before I hit the gym. Well, coffee lovers, some new research has some great medical news for us.

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