Redneck Blank Weekend In Hebron
When I think redneck, I think of Jeff Foxworthy and 'you might be a redneck' jokes. I also think of Alan Jackson's song 'It's Alright To Be a Redneck' and this weekend in Hebron it's the annual 'Redneck Blank' event.
Redneck Blank Pigroast and Music Festival Opens In Hebron
Red-red-red-red-red-red-redneck, it's the annual 'Redneck Blank' Pig Roast and Music Festival this weekend in Hebron. The event draws thousands of people each year and has gained national attention, 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' was in Hebron last year and The History Ch…
Tallest Chestnut Tree on East Coast in Hebron, Maine
There’s a 95 foot tall tree located in woodlands in Hebron, Maine that is believed to be the tallest American chestnut tree from Maine to Mississippi. A Maine forester has measured the tree and officials with the American Chestnut Foundation say it is thought to be the tallest. The tree is on the pr…