Unusual Frienships in the Animal Kingdom
Saw a PBS special about unusual friendships in the animal kingdom. Animals that wouldn’t normally be considered ‘friends’ like a tortoise and a goose, a cheetah and a dog or a goat and a blind horse.
4.4 Million Year Old Horse Discovered in Ethiopia
Scientists have found the fossil of a 4.4 million year old horse in the fossil fields of Ethiopia. They discovered the first pieces of an extinct species of horse which they say was about the size of a small zebra. Ethiopia today, is dry, but 4.4 million years ago it would have been covered in grass…
Incredible Frisbee Throwing!
I can throw it straight but THIS guy is UNBELIEVABLE!!
Brodie Smith can make AMAZING shots with a Frisbee!
He faces off in a game of HORSE with a man with a basketball. You NEED to see the shot with the baseball bat. WOW!!!

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