Suspicious Package Found In Lincoln
Over the weekend, authorities responded to a potential bomb scare. Sunday, the Damariscotta Fire Department responded to the Lincoln Health’s Miles Campus after receiving a report of a suspicious package found outside the hospital, according to Fire Chief John Roberts.
Another Sarah update
Sarah Dyer, my morning show partner on the B98.5 Morning Buzz called this morning (2/22/16) and the good news is she has been released from the hospital. That wasn't supposed to happen so soon.
Many Believe Robots WIll Create More Jobs
The worry about the future is robots taking all our jobs. Most people now believe they will create more jobs. There are many robots doing the jobs humans used to do, assembly lines at auto manufactures, warehouses and even hospitals. These are line work jobs and usually boring and require heavy lift…
New Augusta Hospital
The new Maine General Hospital has a new name for the new regional hospital. It will be called the ‘Alfond Center for Health.’ The new name was decided recently by the board of Maine General Health. They wanted to recognize the overall generosity of the Alfond family and founda…

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